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Rental Application


If you are interested in a property, please fill out a Contact Us Form. We prefer to show a property and meet you in person before you fill out a formal application.

When you fill out a formal application you will be asked to pay for that service. Even if you are screened you may not be chosen for the property and your screening fee is non-refundable; for this reason, it is best to contact us to find out the status of a property. We can also let you know when we are showing it or if we have an application in on the property all ready.


All items will be considered to determine your eligibility for residency
1) Social Security Number validation
2) Verification of matching birth date
3) Previous or alternate names
4) Previous addresses
5) Criminal records, including county, state, OFAC/Patriot Act, and Sex Offender Registry
6) Civil records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and evictions
7) Verification of current employment, and references (most rental properties require your gross income to be three times (3x) the monthly rental amount)
8) Verification of previous rental history, and references
9) Satisfactory level of credit worthiness based on your credit report and FICO score

10) Number of people and pets (type and size) in the home

11) Use of property

If we find derogatory information in any of these items, this could result in a denial of your application or an increase in deposit, a co-signer, additional rent, last month's rent and or other measures to secure your residency.

To investigate your application/background/credit report will be attained from: Acranet

Summary of Your Rights Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act: is available to download

Application fee: $35.00/person

Click to download: Summary of Your Rights Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act




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