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Property Management


Lighthouse strategies incorporate your desires and goals and translate them into a plan that assumes full responsibility for the life cycle of your investment.  You can trust us to give advice and counsel that meets your needs and objectives.

Property Management Experts


We have proven real estate investments can be profitable even during adverse economies.  Managing Broker, Cynthia Niles has built a sizeable portfolio of commercial, residential and multi-family rental properties.  When you find yourself questioning how best to improve your properties’ performance, you’ll receive unbiased, objective advice based on more than thirty years of successful property management.

We specialize in representing residential and commercial investors who expect expert advice and attention to detail. The kind of advice you can only get from a seasoned veteran.  Optimizing your investment returns while serving your tenants in a friendly, competent and economical manner is our mission.


Understanding cash flow in combination with equity growth is a cornerstone  for long-term, renewable, sustainable income.  Lighthouse properties have maintained less than 1% vacancy factor since the 2008 financial crisis — when other firms struggled with more than 10% of their inventory vacant.  Interruption of cash flow caused many investors and real estate practitioners to lose their investments, or sell them prematurely sacrificing hard-earned equities.  Our goal is to enhance the long term value of real property - consistent with the owner’s revenue objectives, while keeping units fully occupied – whether it is a single family home, multiplex, commercial retail or industrial.  


We take a renovation or new construction project from the idea stage to design, financing, leasing and managing. We stay involved step by step and over the life of the investment. Providing this long term continuity is a distinct advantage that increases income and minimizes hassles for Lighthouse clients.

New Light House Team:
Pettit Property Management

Cynthia Niles’ vision for property management started with a cornerstone commitment to always put owners/investors’ interests first.  That fundamental principle resulted in a unique business model that expedited rental receipts and conserved net income. At the  time of inception, 2001, the most reliable method of getting funds into owners’ accounts was for us to physically receive and deposit the funds — which has been accomplished faithfully for over 17 years.  But new software and banking procedures have opened up opportunities to improve this system.  Hand delivered rents can now be replaced with electronic transfers that occur 7 days a week, thereby avoiding weekend and after hours delays.  Moreover, through a new Tenant Portal, tenants can pay rents with credit and debit cards, offering options that prevent late rent payments.  And the Owner Portal, provides a single reference point for owners that includes the original rental agreement, copies of work orders, photos of walk thru inspections – a full inventory of important documents that may be needed as properties are refinanced or evaluated for remodel or sale.  Lighthouse remained true to the motto, “Charting Your Course…Home.”  Cynthia created a successful, one of a kind, customer service oriented product in developing Lighthouse Management.  Her leadership skills and faithful commitment to putting Owner’s interests first earned her reputation as “one of the best in the industry”!  Always a planner, she began building a Team approach of fellow Brokers who subscribe to her business principles.  In getting to know Rachel Taylor, Owner of Pettit Property Management, it became clear these women were kindred spirits sharing backgrounds and business philosophies!   Both women established unique boutique-style brokerages with an emphasis on guiding clients to optimal real estate solutions.  Both women, put family first.  Cynthia has two grown sons, most of you know Tyler who worked tirelessly with her at Lighthouse Real Estate and is now finishing his Master’s Degree and will be teaching at Olympia High School. Her son Hunter is serving his country in the United States Coast Guard. Rachel has two young children who are growing up in the office, just like Cynthia’s boys!  Her Pettit Family embraces her children and they express the same devotion to clients that was established so many years earlier with the Lighthouse Team.

Pettit Property Management brings state of the art software and electronic funds management — along with a dedicated and seasoned staff of nine Brokers/Assistants to carry the Lighthouse torch.  The combined Lighthouse/Pettit team provides a full service, innovative, and state of the art management experience for you.  Even more personal service improved with technical support.   The Pettit motto, “Where your home is our home.” is lived each and every day – and clients experience and appreciate the benefits that commitment conveys.

Going forward, Cynthia will remain active providing historical reference and guidance for Pettit’s staff as new procedures are implemented.  Strategic planning, acquisitions and dispositions will remain her focus while Rachel and her staff focus on the important day to day administrative, financial, leasing and repair of properties.


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Meet Owner/Designated Broker: Rachel Taylor



How do I report a work order?
Please contact us immediately regarding maintenance requests.  We work to be quick and efficient with filling work orders.  We pair directly with our owners to ensure all rental properties remain in top quality condition for your enjoyment of the home.  Please follow the following steps provided in the link below:

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How do I make a payment?
We offer multiple ways to pay rent, including our state of the art online portal with auto and online payment options.  Check out the link below for further information.

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Who do I contact?
We come to you with a fully staffed team with 24 hour availability.  Check out our multiple forms of contact below:

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Who do I contact?
The benefit to Pettit Property Management is that we work as a team.  We have several departments to handle all of the different facets of your management needs.   Click the link below to see all of the many ways you can contact our staff and we will get the right person in contact with you to handle your needs.

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Where are we located?
5500 Pacific Ave SE
Olympia WA 98503

What do we offer?
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